Module 1 – Thrive Assessment

Growing Your Business Organically starts here…

A down-to-earth look at the current growing conditions of your heart-centered business. Using the essential elements of a thriving business as a measure, this assessment is designed to give you a quick but comprehensive overview of what’s working well and where the gaps are—so you can do something about them.

Video: 4 minutes
Filling out assessment: approx 10-15 minutes
Binder tab: Overview

A few comments:

“The starter kit literally changed the way I perceived my business over night. I’ve already benefited greatly from this program. Thank you.”

“Clear, loving, intelligent. This is marvelous.”

“Filling out the assessment was a relief. A relief to be telling the truth to myself and bringing everything out in the open to be examined, rather than just worried about it shamefully and in private.”

“This was a fast and effective way to see the lay of the land, and to face my deficiencies with you there providing loving support. Your care, concern and encouragement are palpable in this work.”

“In some cases I can see what needs to be done. In others I’m as baffled as ever, but at least I know the categories in which I’m stumped and I know the next phases of your program will help me find ways to get unstuck.”

“I feel as if I’m not alone out there struggling, other people are grappling with the same things too. I’m proud of my 10s like a kid with a gold star on my forehead. I earned those.”

“This is great! I appreciate your knowledge, sharing and energy! Thank you!”