wendyThere are many programs on the market for growing businesses, but the Grow Your Business Organically program is the fruit from the tree of love, wisdom, support and community.

Sylvia is a teacher who not only helps you to recognize what seeds to plant, she gets into the soil with you and nurtures the process of growth; of you, your business, and your community.
– Wendy Mendenhall, Tao Metaversity

harmonyCan I just say WOW? This is amazing. I love the Grow Your Business Organically program — it’s made all the difference in the world for me!

This is a great opportunity to learn how to nurture your business from the ground up. I can’t recommend the GYBO program highly enough. Honestly, I became so busy with new clients and students during the program that I barely had time to keep up. – Harmony Marie Harrison, Harmony with Animals

lisaThis course is like no other business and marketing program out there. Sylvia has a unique way of helping you tap what’s most important to you and your business that is not prescriptive or textbook. It’s highly intuitive and an incredible resource no matter where you are in your business life cycle. I highly recommend the course and I plan on taking it again!
– Lisa Alessi, Executive Coach at Renaissance Leader

danThis program is full of insight, transformation, and inspiration. It’s so different than anything I’ve experienced before. I feel empowered by what I’ve learned and have a clear sense of the direction for my business now. If you’re even slightly considering this program, I recommend you just do it! This program is awesome.
– Dan Howard

The actions you take now are planting your results…

tracyI really love the focus on authenticity. I get to be me rather than trying to fit into some conventional model of “professionalism.” The nature metaphor helps me to really understand and work with the concepts as I peer into each aspect of my business and make conscious choices.

And I love the balance of rational and intuitive. This helps me connect with all levels of myself and my business for a rich, well-rounded approach to development and growth.

I recommend the program to my students and others because it’s accessible and comfortable for anyone growing a holistic business.
– Tracy Cash, Sacred Mountain Healing Center

claudiaThis course is spot-on every step of the way. The idea of marketing used to send me running to the closet to hide. I like how you chunk it down into manageable pieces, go into depth without being frightening, and how seamlessly it progresses.

You have done an amazing job presenting what felt to me like an impossibly overwhelming subject, making it very doable and simple. I am finally able to relax into this necessary part of my business and bringing my gift to the world.

I’ve been in your program only 4 1/2 wonderful weeks and already the tiny steps I have taken have made a big impact on atracting customers. I feel comfortable “asking for the sale” which I have always waited for them to initiate and have two new clients in one week!

– Claudia Draper, Compassionate Clutter Clearing

johnbeckI’ve totally shifted from not knowing what to do to taking the ball and sprinting. More than business advice. it’s what I needed. If you really want to take off, go all in!
– John Beck, fine artist
elizabethYour course is inspired. Thank you for your gifts that work! I really appreciate you distilling all your knowledge and experience into such understandable nuggets!
– Elizabeth Richards

jeannetteYou and your business could not be in better hands than with Sylvia. (And I say that after having worked with many exceptional providers. Sylvia stands out among them.)

I can’t possibly sing the praises of Sylvia enough. She brings a unique combination of spiritual firepower with street smarts and a genuine desire to support your success.

It’s a gift for all of us that she’s making herself and her know-how available to more business owners through the GROW Your Business Organically starter kit. You won’t regret a single minute or dollar spent with Sylvia or her material.
– Jeannette Maw, Good Vibe Coaching

troyI’ve loved Sylvia’s way of looking at business from a natural, instinctual flow of life.

Now I actually like and understand my own business processes and it’s actually gotten me doing them. Sylvia has learned the ropes and then dug deep into the flow of her heart and nature to find a spectacular alternative to ‘normal’ business practices. – Troy Roper, Atlas Profilax of Utah

aurethaSylvia, I’m so COMPLETELY IMPRESSED with “GROW Your Business Organically”. I want to squeeze every drop out of your classes! WOW!!! Thank you!!
– Auretha Callison, Intuition Image Coaching

annetteThis system is outstanding! You are an angel Sylvia for bringing such a powerful program to entrepreneurs. The gardening metaphor has been so helpful to understand the process of growing a heart-centered, conscious business.  – Annette Pieper, Vision 2 Reality Training

marlaI feel like I have help now, REAL help. I am 100% more confident having taken this step. The biggest resistance I’ve had over many years has been around marketing. I’ve been terrified of it and felt completely in the dark and alone with it. I know I wouldn’t be doing these things by myself….Your course is SO helpful…I’m moving forward now.
– Marla Bosko, Rapid Eye Therapy

And let’s not forget the bonuses.  You’ll also get…

Complete set of Inquiry Cards

This is the deck I created that people rave about.

  • Inquiry Cards ask YOU the questions. Good questions that draw out meaningful answers. Like having a life coach in a box.
    • As you pause to listen for the answers, you’re instantly connected to the wisdom, truth and love that’s already inside you.

These questions can help you; solve any challenge, make any decision, and find clarity in any moment.

Inquiry CardsWe’ll be using them throughout the GROW Your Business Organically program, so of course I want you to have your own set.

Already a fan of Inquiry Cards and have some? Great! Give this one as a gift to someone you love. They’ll be thrilled.

$39 value

Root Change: Business Breakthrough Series

beautiful girl enjoying the summer sunNo matter how much personal work you’ve done, if you have limiting beliefs about any part of your business hiding out in your subconscious mind (and we all do), this will be interfering with your success whether you’re aware of it or not.

Designed specifically to integrate with the GROW Your Business Organically program, these audio workshops draw from my work with thousands of business owners and have gotten phenomenal results.

Each short, high-impact session blasts through the limiting beliefs that get in the way of thriving in your business and gives you 40 – 100 new beliefs “installed” into your subconscious in a way that lasts.

Repattern your beliefs at the core level and see how much easier growing your business becomes! “That workshop to make peace with Technology blew me away. I’m all happy about playing with it now. Crazy wild shift!”

15 audio workshops
$487 value

Building Your Magnetic Brand

Your brand is the personality of your business. The look and feel. The colors. The style. The message.

Well-branded businesses attract more clients with less effort, can charge higher prices and enjoy more profitable results.

There are a lot of reasons that leading companies spend big bucks on this. Follow their lead and spend some time getting clear about your unique brand.

It’s well worth the time!

Video workshop
$57 value

Your Plan for This Year

Have a crystal-clear plan for growing your heart-centered business this year?

If you want to make real progress, real money and make a real difference in the world…you’ve got to have a workable plan. Without it, you’re likely to have another “busy” year without the changes you really want.
With a fun mix of; meditation, big ideas, and inspiration, you’ll come away with:

  • a clear one-page plan
  • on paper
  • that makes your heart sing and your mind sure about what you’re up to every day to grow your business authentically, powerfully, and profitably this year.

Video series
$97 value

kimThree months into this program and I am so grateful for everything you put into it. I’ve already gotten back way more than I paid for it, and we’re not even done. All of a sudden I have a totally full practice. I really do attribute this directly to everything we’ve done in the course. Every single part of it is very valuable.

This was my missing link. Magnificent! If you’re ready for your business to take off, if you’re ready to step up and thrive doing the work you most want to do, then this is the course for you. Sign up now.
– Kim Ross, Advanced Bodywork & Massage

joannI got 4 new clients in a month, exactly as intended in one of the GROW workshops. Plus, I have learned a much more loving approach to business from her, and for that I am very grateful. Sylvia is a master of all masters. Her creativity knows no boundaries and she is always helping people to better themselves. She is an extraordinary person and this is truly an excellent and unique program that shows you how to grow your business in a very natural and organic way.
– JoAnn Hanson, Evergreen Accounting
lydiaYou’ll “earn out” your investment in the first week of insight and motivation about what needs to shift to grow your business. She helped me see not just where I was limiting my business through old patterns of thought and behavior, but helped me shift from the inside out in order to grow my business more successfully. Sylvia is exceptionally skilled at cutting through the blocks to change.
–Independent Filmmaker, Los Angeles
christineI’m really feeling inspired again and my client base is growing all the time. I love Sylvia’s heart-centred approach to business. It’s really helped me to find the things that feel good for me, and to find my own way of telling people about my business. The format of the programme is great – I love the materials and the weekly calls give a great opportunity to practice the exercises.

The simple structure makes it easy to see where to put your time, energy, focus and money and to ensure that all parts of the process are being given due attention. The material is excellent and very clearly delivered.
– Christine Jenkins, Good Vibrations Coaching

markI’ve been in the business world for over 30 years. I wish something like this would have been there when I started. I could have avoided a lot of blind alleys. Sylvia’s approach to the business of growing a business is so refreshing. I particularly appreciate her insight about the cyclical nature of business that’s necessary if a business is ultimately to prosper. Sylvia is the real deal–and that’s why I wouldn’t hesitate for a nanosecond to recommend the GROW Your Business Organically program to others.
– Mark Holland, Cambridge Financial Center
deniseI loved the course. I wanted a certain number of new clients and I exceeded that number, my work increased substantially, so I appreciated being able to have access to the recordings. Sylvia has a great way of teaching.

My client base has grown, the classes I teach have grown, my e-mail list is growing…It is hard to believe that so much has happened in this short time.
– Denise Silvernail, Healing Hearts