The GROW Your Business Organically program has lots of resources to support you in creating planning tools and systems that work for YOU and your unique style. Here they are in one place. Have at it!


Module 1 – Your Growth Plan
Module 3 – Planning for Action
BONUS: Your Plan for This Year


Your Plan for This Year. A Group Discussion.

If you want to make real progress, real money and make a real difference in the world…you’ve got to have a workable plan. Without it, you’re likely to have another “busy” year without the changes you really want. What will work best for you? Find out! Also members Heidi Van Ert and Roslin Castell introduce themselves.

On track? Discover the clear next steps in your plan

Connect with your soul’s impulse for growth and allow your intuition to guide your next steps in this meditation for the quarter/month/season.

Marla Dee of Clear & Simple with systems to See it, Map it, Do it!

Marla’s been teaching people how to organize and clear clutter for over 18 years and is the reason I can tackle any pile of paper without crying. Learn this unique, step-by-step approach that makes thinking about, planning for and executing projects simple. She also shares how to create “maps” that work for your individual style, as well as sharing examples. What you can learn from this super-practical class could be worth thousands of hours and thousands of dollars.

Get the Clear & Simple Systems handout and other resources here.
Get access to the ART of Letting Go eBook (and online course) here.

#1 Thing to Do! Create Your Plan…Your REAL Plan

Do you have a clear one-page plan, on paper, that makes your heart sing and your mind sure about what you’re up to every day? This is a KEY part of you growing and thriving. Learn how creating your plan can actually be fun, feel good and nourish your soul!

I promise that having your clear plan on paper feels amazing and is the foundation for making major progress. Do it and see for yourself!
After watching the recording, trust your intuition about what support you feel drawn to.

Extra: The Power of a Week

Here’s a short video of instructions that go with the Weekly Planning Sheet I created and keep right on my desk. I work with it all through the day to stay focused and productive during work hours, and smiling when I walk away from it all to rest and play. I hope it gives you a huge headstart to a system that works for you!

More Resources

Time Management
Todoist  is the system I use like a second brain to track hundreds of tasks and priorities. It’s been a game-changer for me. There’s a free version and the premium upgrade is $35/yr.

Time Scanner
This tool helps create healthy structure in your life in your own way and helps you calculate the total number of hours things actually take (can you say “reality check”?). Then once you’ve readjusted your expectations, you can create your custom default diary to support healthy structure in your life. I love this tool and have been SO much more productive and balanced with my time since using it!

Weekly Planning Sheet

• Template for Annual Vision/Map
PDF file or Microsoft Word Doc
(this is an extra to go with the “Your Plan For This Year” workshop)

Vision and Goals

A vision board…and more