If you’re thinking about joining the GROW Your Business Organically program, I want to support you in finding your own truth. That’s why I’m sharing this tool to help you make a clear, intuitive, heart-centered decision in a few minutes.

It’s so cool. You can actually feel the consequences of your choice in your whole body. Once you learn this simple exercise, you can use it for the rest of your life with any important decision!

Can you imagine how much time and struggle you can potentially save without the whole thought-looping, back-and-forth, wondering-what-if anaysis paralysis?

The wonderful thing about any choice point like this is the opportunity for clarity and transformation.

Decisions are powerful!

And I want you to listen to your wisest self, so here you go…

Details and registration here

Feel free to email or call at 801-486-8444 with ANY questions and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

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Hi Sylvia – someone recommended you today who is in your program.
I’d like to know more. Cost? time frame. I’ve been around the block – up and down – and have a ceiling (belief system) so am thinking out of the box – so that means i have to get out of the box. thank you so much – blessings and light and yes abundance beyond measure.

Here’s one comment. There were a bunch more, but they didn’t get on the recording.

“I really enjoyed the intuitive process you taught. I felt very warm in the body when I stepped into the space, and very successful. Way cool!”

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