Here’s what you’ll get:

• the Thrive Assessment

• the Introductory Workshop Video

• 55 Seed Ideas for Growing Your Business

• Your Growth Plan

• and a complimentary subscription to the Grow Your Business Organically newsletter

…basically, the whole first module of the Grow Your Business Organically home study program!

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Hi Sylvia, Three months in… or is it four?… to this program I am so grateful for everything you put into it. Every single part of it is very valuable. I’ve already gotten back way more than I paid for it, and we’re not even done. Thank you for putting such an excellent resource out there for me to find!

I have felt ‘pushed around’ by our world circumstances and I am pushing back by following my heart, just as you say. AND I am going down the road as it were in a totally new way, and I still need the support in the marketing area, as you have so generously been offering here. Thanks Sylvia, this is awesome!

We just got our website going, and have a fabulous product. Yes, I do almost everything heart based, and intuitively. The business world model is something I have convinced myself I can learn. I know a nicer model is forming to create wealth and plenty. I intend to be part of the new dream. I’m open and learning. Sorry I am a day late on applying for the free kit. But I am worthy and hopeful if you are still open. Tons of love and light to you.

Sylvia, I feel 100% more confident having taken this step. The biggest
resistence I’ve had over the past 7 yrs. has been around marketing. I have been terrified of it and feel completely in the dark and alone with it. Just the
part in the video about how we spend lots of $ and time on learning our skill or
service but how much do we put into learning marketing and yet expect it to
happen? Boy, that resonated with me hugely. I feel like I have help now, REAL help. I love your kind and loving energy and heart centeredness and then all the practical info. and wisdom. YOU I can connect with! (Many marketing folks I’ve encountered just don’t feel authentic and certainly not heart centered to me).

Thanks so much Marla. Your words really touch me and make me feel like all the work is worth it if I can help someone like you! YOU are my ideal client! You are who I’m meant to serve and it’s an honor.

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