With all the time, energy and money that goes into websites, too many of them just float there in cyber-space and don’t really get clients for the entrepreneurs who put them there. I’ve worked with a lot of websites and their owners for over 16 years and happily share the essential elements of a site that will actually grow your business.


About Sylvia Nibley

For 25 years I’ve been following my heart on the adventure of being an entrepreneur led by the whisperings of spirit and the big, wild vision of changing the world. Through the decades I’ve boldly said yes to being a healer, community builder, web developer, teacher, product creator, breakthrough maker and most surprising to me…a marketing guru! I’ve had grand failures, magnificent successes and only a couple of days where I considered going back to a corporate paycheck.

I love all things entrepreneurial AND all things spiritual…and it thrills me to no end to teach people like you to grow your business, change the world and thrive using your intuition, your wise heart and the power of NATURE–which I believe is the best teacher of all!