Module 1 – Up Close and Personal

Module 1- Up Close and Personal

In this video you get an up-close look at the stages of the Grow Your Business Organically system in action with a one-on-one coaching session.

As you watch, be noticing how these principles relate to your situation and come away with ideas you can immediately use to attract clients.

Do you feel at a loss for effective marketing language? What to say in your offers, newsletters or selling conversations that will translate to business? Watch how effective marketing language just flows out of Auretha in the process we do.

I’ve seen this hundreds of times. With the awareness and loving structure from the Grow Your Business Organically “seed test” or “walkthrough” process, when you’re in front of someone in real-time, language that sells can flow naturally!

Have your workbook from the Introductory Workshop with you for note taking.

Time Investment: 47 minutes
Binder tab: Overview

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Awesome. I’m getting to work!


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