ABOUT You,  ABOUT Shining,  ABOUT Attraction

Your home page makes the first impression, but the section that spotlights YOU, whether it’s included on your home page or in an “About” section, is your most important opportunity to engage people when they’re checking you out. This also applies to your social media profiles, elevator pitch and all the ways people encounter your business in this information age.

You also get templates you can use in creating this important piece of marketing.
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This call especially relates to:
Module 4 – The Foundation of Your Business
Module 4 – The Money Is In the Message (Juicy Bio exercise)

My internet connection went down just moments before completing the meditation, but I hope that from the state of imagining all your materials reflecting your divine uniqueness, you’ll see what your next steps are to make sure your website, etc are a vibrational match to your greatness. And remember, you’ve got an awesome community to get feedback from!