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A deeper dive into the growing conditions of your business.
Recording of the January 22 coaching call for members.

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(this is different from what we’ve done together and goes into more depth about the whole year)

If you want to make real progress, real money and make a real difference in the world…you’ve got to have a workable plan.

Without one, you’re likely to have another “busy” year without the changes you really want.

This workshop series is available free until the end of this month.
Give yourself the gift of conscious creation!

Make a crystal-clear plan for growing your heart-centered business this year.

With a fun mix of; meditation, big ideas, inspiration and master facilitation you’ll come away with:

  • a clear plan
  • on paper
  • that makes your heart sing and your mind sure about what you’re up to every day

to grow your business authentically, powerfully, and profitably in 2019.