Is Owning Your Own Business Right for You?

You know you want to offer your soul’s gifts, but are you really cut out to be an entrepreneur? Being your own boss means you’re responsible for everything. It’s a big decision. Which way is right for you?

• Learn the 9 signs that you’re an entrepreneur (or not)
• Save years of trial and error and find your best career path
• Get clarity about what success means to you

It was terrifying for me to take the leap to become an entrepreneur when I graduated from massage school in 1991, but following my heart and taking lessons from nature, I quickly grew a full practice and was surprised to discover that I am one of those born entrepreneurs.

I’ve also seen how often people jump into business without knowing if it’s really the right path for them which can mean detours that take years to discover the truth.

About once a year, I open the full GROW Your Business Organically program to a small number of heart centered business owners.

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