As I was meditating and making friends with the coming year, this guided visualization flowed through me so effortlessly and gave me such clarity about the New Year, that I really want to share it with you.

In just a few minutes you can have a heart-guided map and clear intentions for creating your best year yet!

Click the player to start the 21 minute meditation…

Wow! Insightful, peaceful, guidance and path to completing, celebrating and focusing on intent for new chapters! Thank you Sylvia! – Darcy

I felt your love and wisdom shared in this meditation….I am holding my heart and spirit open for the infinite possibilities the year may bring! :] – Laura

Thank you so much for this meditation. xxO – Gerri

Blessings to you Sylvia. Thank you for holding the space for my Light. Yes, for me this is a year of calling in assistance, as I move into something very bright. Thank you so much for this gift. – Kinde

Thank you, Sylvia. You are very kind. I am very grateful. May the new year bring fulfillment to all hearts. – Pat

I needed this reflection and support so much today, and I am deeply grateful. Your guidance took me to just the right places in just the right ways at the right pace. I also appreciate your suggestion to pause and take notes–that is critical, and I will consult my notes as I move forward. I will also spend more time in the quiet space you helped me to see and find. Thank you for the injunction to tenderness for self–it is remarkable that this one thing should be unusual and slightly difficult when it is actually key to a healthy, holistic life process. Many blessings, Claire

Thank you for creating this meditation. I am listening to it again and again and letting all my possibilities for growth unfold in my heart-consciousness. I appreciate your gift. Blessings…. Joy

I just did your Organic New Year’s Intentions meditation….AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!
Thank you for emailing it to me!! I have never really meditated before and this was an incredible exercise for me!! Very good stuff!! – Weston

You SERIOUSLY need to consider producing professional meditation cds or something!! You have the most soothing, loving, nurturing voice!! I could just listen to you for hours and hours and hours, dear Sylvia! I would pay good money for such a product! Thank you for this gift! – Jennifer

I just kept getting “love”, “love”, “love”. – Peg

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