Module 1 – Essentials of Thriving in Business

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Are you ready to learn how to thrive in business using the power of nature?
This is where you have the opportunity to really experience, in your body, why your marketing is working, or not…and get a taste of how attracting clients can be OBVIOUS instead of confusing.

I hope you get loads of ideas and insights from the exercise!

Video: 47 minutes
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A few comments:

“Thank you Sylvia, this program is amazing, it really helps to define the next steps to take. Going through your program is effective, clear and easy to implement.”

“The original program was so beneficial! Can’t wait to see all the additions and be a part of unfolding opportunities! Thanks Sylvia!”

“Sylvia, your program rocks! Through the various exercises I’ve gained many insights, including the solution to a major stumbling block. With your coaching I was able to recognize a very simply & viable solution. I am so grateful to you for providing an organic marketing program that fits me & my business. Thanks also for providing an opportunity to connect with other conscious entrepreneurs. Bless your heart!”

“You are an angel Sylvia for bringing such a powerful program to entrepreneurs. The gardening metaphor has been so helpful to understand the process of growing a heart-centered, conscious based business. Although we teach and coach very similar concepts, I have learned unique concepts and principles to guide me through the next level of growth in my business. Your system is outstanding!”

“As always your material is a heartfelt gift to those of us who are blessed by your presence…Whether we’re starting out ‘fresh’ or ‘reinventing’ ourselves you have a wonderful way of offering exactly what we need. Thank you.”

“Wow! I actually listened to the entire workshop in one sitting. I stopped periodically to write down ideas that came to me. I already feel supported in my growing business. This programs is feeling very inspired and right for me.”